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From: Jackers
Subject: Executive DebriefingDisclaimer:
-----------Please note that the following material contains written depictions of
concentual sex between two or more adult males. Please refer to the laws of
your area before reading further.Although this story involves 'barebacking', please note that the author in
no way promotes or condones this behaviour and this work should be treated
as a piece of fantasy only! In real life, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM!- Jackers"Executive Debriefing" - By JC ('Jackers')
The ad had read... 'Young, athletic executive wanted for youth oriented
sports agency. Must be client oriented and willing to please.'Not only was that me, that was the guy standing behind me. Aidan Ridgeway.
Junior CEO at age 27, well built swimmer, most successful agent at the
company and beginning to push his hard 8 inches up my arsehole. Both of us
still in our suits except for my pants in a puddle on the floor and my own 7
inches stiff and straining inside the pouch of my jockstrap.He was teasing my hole, rubbing his precum-coated cockhead around in
circular motions, pushing gently inside before retreating.I glanced behind me, taking my eyes from his gorgeous face in the mirror and
smiled seductively. He smiled back. I raised an eyebrow at the door to the
employee bathroom, and he shook his Kds Preteen head. Unlocked. He smiled broader."Maybe you should-" I gasped sharply as he pushed the entirety of his
engorged dick inside me, spearing me before I could say 'lock it'. I shook
in sudden ecstasy as he took hold of my hips and began spearing me over and
over; slamming himself into me so hard his balls slapped my arse with a
resounding whack with each thrust."Oh yeah..." I moaned with startling volume. I didn't care. I had a hot
young guy in a suit that was Kds Preteen as horny as all hell, one of the most powerful
men in the city and an 8-inch dick. Most straight guys would let him fuck
them. If they walked in.... who gave a shit.I felt a rough hand on my shoulder as he hauled me up so my back arched and
my head fell back in an agonising groan of pleasure..."You like my dick don't ya." It wasn't a question. "Specially when its up
this tight hole of yours." He grunted as he thrusted harder than ever."Oh fuck yeah." I said through clenched teeth. I worked my arse as he
thrusted, pushing back as much as I could, worshipping his tool the best way
I knew how. Every time I pushed back his tie brushed the top of my crack and
the silky sensations made me buck all the more. All Aidan had done was to
pull his throbbing tool from his fly and was fucking me fully dressed. I
looked in the mirror again and saw his defined chest shaped perfectly under
his business shirt and I almost came. This was some of the hottest sex of my
life.And as suddenly as he was in me, he pulled out and turned me roughly round,
slamming his tongue down my throat as if he was a man dying of thirst. I
moaned as our dicks ground together, my own precum and his lubing us up and
staining the front of my jockstrap further.After a few seconds of kissing, I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing me
to my knees and I obliged with a face full of his cock. He whacked it
against my cheek, rubbing it against my stubble before pushing past my lips
into my waiting mouth.I sucked at him greedily, tasting sweat and precum, smelling the sweet scent
of his pubic hair. Kds Preteen One his hands found the back of my head and he pushed me
down further and I felt his knees buckle slightly as my tongue whirled
around his cockhead, flicking at his glands and coating him in my saliva.In my furious head bobs I thought I saw him on his mobile phone texting
someone, but I didn't care. He was obviously into this. He was bucking and
moaning, fucking my face now in a furious blur of motion.
"Eat me boy." He growled as he thrusted, his balls slapping against my chin.
"Eat that fucking Kds Preteen cock you love so much."I obliged him with vigour, taking him to the back of my throat and moaning.
I got my desired result... He growled in pleasure and resumed fucking my
face harder and deeper all the while holding onto my hair.The door opened.I would have frozen and tried to cover, but Aidan just kept on thrusting,
and I had no choice but to relax or choke.I saw out of the corner of my eye Brad Holdsworthy, one of the
higher-ranking agents walk into the room. He'd come straight from one of the
regular tennis games the Kds Preteen firm held to entertain clients so all he was
wearing was a form fitting polo shirt and a pair of old jeans he'd pulled on
for the drive back to the office. And the outfit did nothing but compliment
his physique and ruggedly handsome face and also to make me all that much
harder."Morning boys," he smiled and proceeded without fanfare or surprise to the
urinal."Morning Brad." Aidan mumbled between groans. Feeling more than a little
surprise I managed to get a pathetic attempt at a good morning past my mouth
full of cock.Both Aidan and Brad chuckled at my attempt, Kds Preteen and I flushed red.And things continued. Brad let loose a stream of piss from his thick rod and
Aidan continued hammering my mouth with his. Before Brad was even half way
finished peeing I was fully focussed on Aidan again. Apparently this was par
for the course with these guys."Damn your good!" Aidan hissed between his teeth."Good cocksucker boss?" Brad asked as he shook his finished up at the
urinal."The best..." more moans... "Wanna find out?"
My eyes widened. Both men were looking at me now, Brad's flaccid penis still
hanging freely from his jeans barely a metre away from me."Is that ok?" Brad asked.I looked at Aidan who smiled down at me. In reply, I stood, bent over and
took Brad's still soft dick in my mouth and pointing my waiting hole at
He took the que, and soon I was fully spitted at each end by 8 inches of
throbbing cock.Aidan seized my hips again and pushed himself deep inside me. I was already
lubed from his precum from earlier and I parted for him with little
resistance. Similarly, Brad's rigid cock was slamming hard into my mouth,
his precum coating my lips and tongue. It seemed he precame like a tap and I
savoured its salty Kds Preteen
taste while his shaven balls slapped against my chin."Oh fuck yeah. Suck my dick man. Fuckin' eat that pole." Brad whispered, his
breath coming in ragged gasps.Aidan was saying something behind me but I couldn't make it out as Brad
grabbed my ears and began pulling me forward onto his dick on Kds Preteen Aidan's every
back thrust.I'm not sure how long it went for but I all I knew was it was great."Shit I'm cumming." Brad moaned, pulling his cock from my mouth."I want to taste your load!" I said between gasps but too late as two thick
creamy ribbons of cum landed in my hair and across my face. I grabbed his
fat cut cock and thrust it back in my mouth. He gasped in ecstasy and I was
rewarded as he shot more and more jizz down my throat. He bucked against my
mouth and I sucked at him harder."Holy Shit!" I heard him yell and I felt him waver as he knees began to
buckle."Yeah fuckin take the load boy!" Aidan added his voice. I thought he was
adding to the excitement but as he pulled himself out completely I felt the
first hot slam of his cum on my waiting hole. I moaned as he added squirted
more cum onto my hole before pushing himself inside me again, pumping even
more of his smouldering cream deep into me. I milked his cock with my arse,
drawing his cock, squeezing it before he collapsed against my back.With Aidan still buried in my arse, I stood and grabbed Brad by the waist
and drew him roughly against me into a threesome embrace.He kissed me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth while Aidan's explored my
ear. I writhed against them both seductively, my own cock, now free from the
confines of my jockstrap, rubbing against the denim of Brad's jeans.
Aidan's hands wound around my waist, cupping my balls and began kneading
them, massaging them. Brad's hand found my dick and he soon he too was
working my hard on with animal vigour.I could feel Aidan's cum dripping from me as he softened to the point he
slipped from inside me. I knew it was staining both our suits as it did but
neither of us cared. Brad and I kissing had smudged his cum onto his own
face as well, the creamy white liquid gleaming in his 5 O'clock shadow."I'm gonna blow" I murmured, my hips bucking. Brad stopped stroking me and
with a speed I didn't think was possible, he was on his knees with his hot
mouth circling the head of dick. I thrust upward twice before I felt my cock
erupt in his mouth and I almost yelled my self with the intensity of my
orgasm. I felt like I would never stop and despite his best efforts to
swallow it all, Brad couldn't contain it and the white rivulets began to
flow from the corners of his mouth.Finally I began to ease and Brad eased my dick from his mouth, my last two
shots landing on his face and neck.He stood and kissed me again, tasting a mixture Kds Preteen of our cum on his lips.
Aidan kneeled behind me and I squirmed with delighted pleasure as he began
to eat his own cum from my hole.Finally we all stood and parted, smiling from each other. I was a little
surprised to see two other guys at the urinals smiling at us; both hard and
dripping their own brand of cum onto the white tiles of the bathroom."You're right boss: fucking awesome cocksucker!" Brad laughed, pushing his
now flaccid dick back into his jeans as Aidan did the same. I suddenly
became conscious of my own semi nakedness and I pulled up my jock and pants
as quickly as dignity would allow.I laughed at Brad, "You're welcome."He kissed me hard and whispered in my ear... "Meet me at lunch." And he
disappeared from the bathrooms.
The other two guys followed him with satisfied smiles.Aidan smiled at me and kissed me just as hard as Brad had. "I've got a
meeting at lunch then another at five so I'm gonna be busy all day." I
nodded and looked a little sheepish."I'll see you at home gorgeous." He smiled, kissed me again and left the
room. I smiled too at his back and turned to the mirror. Most of Brad's cum
had smudged away from my face, leaving only traces of its presence, but my
hair was plastered with a thick strand of cum. I started to brush at with my
hand and noticed a glint on my hand.I stopped and examined the plain silver band on my left ring finger. I
smiled again and said softly, almost to the air itself: "See you at home
- (c) 2006: JC ('Jackers')
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